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It seems appropriate...


I was in Long Beach this past weekend and made the whole car turn around and drive back past this sign for me.


I really dig the gold in the background of this one.


Jon in a SWEATER. I love him in his damned sweaters. And he looks ever-so-awkward and uncomfortable in this shot and it makes me so very happy.



He looks so dorky in this one... Kind of reminds me of the face that Jughead makes in Archie comics? The little open-mouthed side-smile?

Photobucket <--- jon=jughead? y/n??

And in case you hadn't seen it elsewhere (and even if you had, it's probably worth reading again!):

4Music Interviews Jon

Panic At the Disco declared emo to be "bulls**t" back in 2006 and with their Beatles-esque new album, 'Pretty. Odd', may well have buried that unloved genre forever.

We asked the Las Vegas fourpiece's bassist, Jon Walker, to tell us a few things he's not done but would like to do.

Hello, Jon. What law would you like to break?

Hmm... I wonder what other people say? Do they say they'd like to kill? Really? I would never want to do that.

What food would you like to eat?

I'd like some good Indian British food right now. You invented the right way to do it, and it's great. There's a place called Meghna Grill, right down the street from Abbey Road, and it's the best Indian food I've ever had.

Perhaps that's where John Lennon recorded Instant Korma. Sorry. What musical genre would you like to try?

Jazz or blues would be fun. I've been listening to a lot of old blues folk artists like Howling Wolf, Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly... There's such a lot of character in their voices. A lot of those guys have pretty crazy life stories.

What would you like to say in an interview but never have?

Oh wow, I feel like that's the same question as the first one! It's really hard to figure out. I feel like, for our band, there are a lot of misconceptions. I've always wanted to be, "Listen, we're a group of f**king 20-year-old guys just making music and having a good time." Do you know what I mean? I'm 22, the oldest, and Brendan's 20. We all obviously have no idea how the world works and what's going on. Maybe in ten years I'll be a little bit more eligible to answer some of the in-depth questions that people ask.

What religion would you like to dabble in?

I would like to figure out more about meditation. It seems pretty interesting. I was raised a Christian but I don't really practice. I feel like meditation would be really soothing for the soul, especially on some of these tour days when there's nothing to do but sit in the dressing room and be on the internet trying to figure out what's going on. I've read little articles about it but I understand that it takes a lot of discipline in order to get fulfilment.

What celebrity would you like to fondle?

Fondle! Ha ha. There's so many. I have a girlfriend so I'll probably get in trouble if I answer. Why don't we just go with Marilyn Monroe.

We'll get the spade. Which daily task do you wish you were better at?

Exercise. I don't have a regular thing. The shows are obviously pretty good exercise but I like to do some sit-ups and push-ups once in a while; it gets my blood flowing. I did 40 push-ups two days ago and my back is still sore! So I definitely would like to be better at that.

What article of clothing would you like to wear without fear of ridicule?

Sweaters. I want the biggest, ugliest Christmas sweaters, I love 'em! And I can never find good ones that fit me that well. But when I do find a good sweater I wear it till it can't be worn anymore.

Which animal would you like to stroke?

I always wanted to stroke a koala but then we went to Australia and I got to do that. They smell horrible - the worst smelling creatures. It's a mix of the eucalyptus and faeces.

Thank you, Jon from Panic At the Disco.

'Pretty. Odd' is out now

March 29, 2008

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